RF Planning&Optimization


NOYA has been giving the Radio Frequency Planning & Optimization Services like Radio propagation Modeling Frequency planning, Nominal planning, Radio network design analysis, roll-out, project management, Traffic engineering and indoor solutions. As optimization NOYA does design optimization, drive testing, network audits, KPI based optimization, QoS / QA testing and handset testing.

Our experts have multi-technology experience, both2G-3G and extensive vendor specific knowledge including extensive understanding and reference libraries of key vendor system parameters and system performance counters and derived KPI's. We follow these steps as RF planning and optimization. 

. Technology Awareness 
. Nominal Dimensioning 
. Business Plan 
. Initial RAN Planning 
. Site Acquisition/Friendly Sites 
. Final Radio Planning 
. Radio Planning Optimization 
. Core, Access and Transport Planning 
. Initial Parameter Configuration 
. Commissioning 
. Pre-launch Optimization 
. KPI/KQ Definition 
. Cutover" Freeze" 
. Post-launch Optimization 
. Performance Analysis 
. Network Operation 
. Optimization & Expansion