NOYA has the capability to provide -implement-train-support for various SW tools most popular in cellular world. Such as:
• Aircom Enterprise -Asset (Propagation Tuning and RF prediction-planning, Neighbor planning tool)
• Aircom Enterprise -ILSA (Frequency Planning tool)
• Aircom Connect (MW Planning and optimization tool)
• TEMS Investigation (Drive Test and post processing tool) (Including TEMS Telephones and all necessary cables)
• TEMS Deskcat (Drive Test post processing tool)
• Mapinfo and Inbuild applications (GIS, Site visualization and Frequency planning)
• Scripts and programs (In-house).
• In-house program can be built in order to speed the processes up and investigate huge data.

And also All necessary survey kits, such as GPS-Compass-Binocular-Digital Camera-Distance Meter can be provide.