Transmission Planning & Optimization


The transmission network is key to successful operations of mobile infrastructures. Its main role is to provide reliable connectivity within and between the core and access domains. The consulting services for the transmission network has these issues.

1. The line of sight microwave network planning and optimization service, to provide point-to-point and point to- Multipoint path analysis as well as line of sight analysis for WIMAX applications.
2. The planning and optimization of optical transmission networks based on SDH, SONET and/or WDM technologies.
3. The planning of ATM-based transmission networks for the core domain.
4. The planning of IP-based transmission networks firstly in the core domain and later throughout the entire mobile infrastructure.

For transmission network optimization, we follow these steps:
1- Analyzing the existing transmission network and the existing radio link data is entered to the planning tool (TEMS link planner) and run the interference calculation. The existing picture of network is drawn.
2- New frequency plan is done and simulated by the tool with existing link situation. Re-calculate the interference and threshold degradations are kept limited.
3- Frequencies are changed, radio modules are swapped if necessary.
4- Rerouting process is done by planning by using the tool.
5- Core transmission network optimization is done.