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Noya Teknoloji

. 1995:    Noya was found to operate in data and voice telecommunication field in Istanbul.
. 1995:    Innovated and implemented 64 channels teleconferencing and 128 channels telephone line-recording systems to Kocbank Stock Exchange Department.
. 1996:    Achieved implementation of teleconferencing line-recording systems in 8 different Stock Exchange Company's 38 locations.
. 1997:    GSM Group was formed. In three years over 1.100 HDSL transmission implementations were completed nationwide for Turkcell.
. 1999:    GSM Group implemented over 110 Radio Link transmissions for Telsim with Motorola.
. 2000:    Accumulated expertise in servicing to provide vendor-independent repair, maintenance and warranty services and WAN Group was formed.
. 2001:    For Avea (formerly Aycell) over 350 transmission planning LOS survey completed in Marmara Region.
           In North Iraq for the GSM operator companies AsiaCell and Sana Mobile            transmission planning and optimizing projects were completed.
. 2002:    In North Iraq for Sana Mobile a turnkey transmission projects was implemented with 45 pairs of Radio Link equipment.
. 2003:    Completed in Iran 45 BTS installation and on-air services.
. 2004:    Started to provide transmission planning and optimizing services to Kcell in Kazakhstan with Ericsson